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Your mining isn’t over until you have taken your stones into our General Store and had our Assayers give you a free assay, which means they will tell you what your stone are.

If you want anything made from your stones the Assayers are the ones to talk to about it.

Any amount of people in your group can mine form the same bucket.  Just remember the more people mining the less each person finds - and too many can result in someone not finding anything.  Our miner will help you with picking the right size for the amount of people you have in your group.  And a large bucket the same price as two smaller buckets always has more in it than the two smaller ones.

We have five types of buckets:


These buckets have our original mix of Ruby, Sapphires, Emeralds, Garnets, Topaz, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Smoky Mt. Topaz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Aquamarine and more – over 20 different types of stones.
BABY BEAR - $25.00 – This is our smallest Original Gem Stone Bucket. It has a nice mix for the beginner or one or two younger miners.
SMOKY BEAR - $50.00 – the start of our family size buckets. This is great for the miner who wants more, a couple of friends, or a small family.  

BIG BEAR - $75.00   ON SALE FOR $65.00 – this is our best value family bucket. For $15 more you find over twice what you do in our Smoky Bear Bucket. Comes with a free one ct. cut stone.
MINER SPECIAL - $100.00 – this is the start of our SHOWCASE buckets. These buckets contain stones big enough to display on your mantel or shadow box – in other words these are stones you can showcase. It’s a great bucket for the Rock Collector, or for family memories. Comes with a free two ct. cut stone.
OLD TIMER - $200.00 – Also part of our SHOWCASE buckets. This has even bigger stones than the Miner special.  A great Bucket for the serious Rock Collector – also great for a family – enough stones for everyone to go home with a BIG FIND. Comes with a free three ct. cut stone.


The Treasure is our former Fossil and Gem buckets.  Since we have so many different things in it we felt a name change was needed.  The Treasure Hunter besides having a gem mix like our Original Gem Stone Buckets, it also contains fossils, arrowheads, shells, geodes, shark teeth and stones unlike you find in our  Original Gem Stone Buckets. At this time we do not have names for them, so we call them by their prices.
$30.00 – This is our smallest Treasure Hunter bucket. Great for the person who wants to try out a bucket that’s different.
$50.00 – The start of our family size Treasure Hunter buckets.  It’s great for the miner who wants more, a couple of friends or a small family. With the Treasure Hunters as the buckets get bigger – the fossil mix gets better as larger fossils start showing up.
$75.00 ON SALE FOR $65.00 This is our best buy Treasure Hunter bucket. A really great family bucket.  Also great for the miner who want that larger mining experience. This was our best seller during the 2015 Summer season. Comes with a free one ct cut stone.
$100.00 – This is the start of our SHOWCASE buckets. You will find some really nice size fossils, shell, and gemstones in these buckets. Big enough to put on display in your home. This is a great bucket for Rock and Fossil collectors. It also good for making family memories. Comes with a free two ct. cut stone.
$200.00 – This is also part of our SHOWCASE buckets.  It has even bigger stones and fossils as our $100 bucket.  This is a great bucket for the serious Rock and Fossil collectors and is also a great family bucket. Comes with a free three ct. cut stone.


Our Specialty Buckets were made with the person who wants to have their stones made into jewelry. They specialize in certain types of stones.  They will contain other types of stones – so you will have a nice mix stones.  
RUBY SAPPHIRE$35.00  this is our most popular specialty bucket.  Great for the Ruby or Sapphire lover.
EMERALD AQUAMARINE- $35.00 – Great for the Emerald Or Aquamarine lover.
TRIGEM - $35.00 – Showcase three of our prettiest stones – Amethyst, Citrine, and Bllue Topaz.
Garnet Amethyst $35.00 Our newest with Garnets and Amethyst.


These may seem to be a bucket that should have been listed under the Treasure Hunters – the shear size of these buckets make them a class of their own.  We have in them everything we could think of: Gemstone, Fossils, Shells, Shark Teeth, Geodes, Arrowheads and much more.
SUPERBUCKET- $500.00  This a great family bucket – everyone will find a lot of large stones. It comes with a free four ct. cut stone.  This comes in a 16 gallon container.  Great fun for everyone.
ULTRA SUPERBUCKET - $1000.00 – this is it the ultimate bucket – you will find things not in any of the other buckets. It’s big enough for a family reunion!! For the ultimate collector this is a dream bucket. Comes with a free five ct. cut stone and other surprises. Comes in a 33 gallon container


This is our smallest bucket.  If you just want to see what the mining is all about this is a great bucket to sample it with.  It contains a small collection of our gemstones and is $15.00.  

The free cuts are a $15 value and include the following stones: White Topaz and Smoky Topaz. This can be deducted from a more expensive cut or from a cut and jewelry setting.  It can not be used for anything else in the store and it has no monetary value.