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Stone ID Cards

We have a printable identification cards for the stones that can be and have been found in the buckets at the Pigeon Forge Gem Mine.  Not all the stones on the list can be found in every bucket, in fact some of are from buckets of the past.  We have included them because we feel some of you still have those stones and would like to have the cards to identify them with.  Also some stones are not yet on the cards as we keep adding and changing stones in our buckets.  The list is in PDF format and can be downloaded to your computer or printed.


Sometimes you will hear a stone called by several names.  You wonder what the correct name is.  Sometimes it will be called one thing by the miner and something else by the Assayer - when this happens blame it on the light - the Assayers have special lights that help them identify the stones. But sometimes a stone will have more than one name.

Smoky Quartz - Smoky Topaz, Smoky Mountain Topaz… at one time Smoky Quartz was though to be a form of Topaz, today we know it isn’t, but we will still see most cut Smoky Quartz called Smoky Topaz and here in the Smoky Mountains we like the name Smoky Mountain Topaz.

Moss Agate - Tree Agate, Dendrite Chalcedony…Dendrite Chalcedony is the correct name and it comes in two types, a white stone with green on it and a beige stone with fern like markings.  Usually white and green is called Moss Agate and the other Tree Agate, but both books and people will interchange the two.

Pyrite - Iron Pyrite, Fools Gold…some people and books will use the Iron to tell what type of Pyrite it is and Fools Gold came from the fact that many early miners would mistake it for real Gold.

Chalcopyrite - Peacock Pyrite, Copper Pyrite, Fools Gold, Peacock Ore…This is a Copper ore and a pyrite, and like Pyrite was a Fools Gold, but when it tarnishes it turns color giving it the Peacock Pyrite or Peacock Ore name. (Bomite, another Copper Ore is also known as Peacock Ore)