Rock Shop in Pigeon Forge

Posted by on 9/13/2019
Did you know that we are the largest rock shop in Pigeon Forge? Come visit our rock shop in Pigeon Forge if you're looking for the things to do in Pigeon Forge. Inside our free museum, we have several specimens you won't find anywhere else. Our rock shop and museum is both entertaining and educational.
Here at the Gem Mine, you can mine your own gems in one of our sluices. From there, you can take your treasures to our jewelry assayers to find out what you have. There, they can turn your finds into beautiful works of art in the form of custom jewelry.
rock shop in pigeon forge
If you're about to be married, we also have wedding rings suitable for all budgets.
So, if you're looking for custom fashion jewelry, wedding rings, or just out to have a fun day in the Smokies, be sure to stop by the Pigeon Forge Gem Mine and visit our rock shop!